Local Public Lands

Many local jurisdictions in the United States have also established an assortment of publicly assessable and managed lands. City parks are a good example of public lands that are managed at the local level.

County governments in some locales have also gotten in on the act, and established their own unique systems of publicly assessable lands. The Spokane County Conservation Futures Program in Washington State provides a good example.

In 1994, Spokane County voters approved an advisory ballot measure authorizing a new property tax levy. Up to 6.5 cents per $1000 of property value was newly taxed, to acquire and preserve open space, rivers, streams, and other natural resources. By 2020, the Conservation Futures Program had acquired 8,875 acres through 49 acquisitions, which are lands now owned and managed by Spokane County, the City of Spokane, and the City of Cheney.

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